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Comments we have received from Customers over the years

All of Southland

  • "I love your place! I come by every weekend on the way back and forth to visit my parents. Your restaurant is my absolute favorite! Though I have only one frustration, all Summer when we come by and stop to eat you never have my favorite bean soup and you all make the BEST!!!"
  • "i am glad that you still have ... and merchandise. there was a young man that was very helpful when asked about key chains stickers and thing for the ... . They are hard to find and am very proud to support a place that has value and honor. the BBQ is the best and always enjoy eating there even though i do not get there as often as i want to. i will be making a effort to come in once a week now to make sure nothing happens to this long honored place. i also like that you have a buffet on Mom's Day!!! Thank you for keeping and creating a place i feel i belong and can come too! as i get older i see the importance of it more and more! and i wish i had the name of the young man that help me Saturday May 8th around 3 or 4:30 pm. he gave me a real honor by calling me Bubba, which does not happen anymore. like ladies saying honey or having real sweet tea!GOD Bless Southland and my she forever be! Thank you, woody"
  • "Southland is the absolute best place to stop, it's our favorite! The locals are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed & comfortable and there's something for everyone. Keep up the great work!"
  • "I am from Pennsylvania and I come down to your place 3 times a year to shop, and every time I am there wiether to just shop or eat and shop your place has always been above par. Keep up the good work. William"
  • "... overall great service, and enjoyed every minute"
  • "I really enjoyed my visit to Southland. Everyone is very friendly"
  • "Southland is our favorite stop on the way to Nags Head !! The pulled pork BBQ/slaw sandwhich and fries are what I have on my mind when we leave the driveway here in Maryland ! and it's our stop on the way home to get slaw and pork BBQ for Mom on the way back.(that's her "fee" for taking care of our critters while we are away !!) LOVE SOUTHLAND.... the staff is so nice and friendly !! :)"
  • "My family and I love coming down to Southland. We've always gotten the best service and although we've only eaten there once, so far, the food was excellent! Thank you."
  • "we will be back again and again, thank you-all."
  • "I used to live in Norfolk, Virginia, and Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Anyway you folks are always a must do while visiting there. I still have Southland Card, and it always works. I now live in Florida."
  • "I have shopped your store for many, many years now. I live in Virginia Beach. I enjoy the ride to your store.. The kindness each of you always show me, is but one reasone I shop at your store. Keep up the friendly and kind service I receive from each of you.."
  • "My family and I are just across the state line in Va.and we always enjoy traveling to your store.You have a great variety of specialtys and gifts to choose from and the restaurant service is fabulous."
  • "We love to come down there from Va Beach. We come about once a month to get your famous B-b que. Also we love the savings we get on your tobacco products."
  • "My husband and I live in Virginia Beach. We visit Southland at least once a week for various reasons (cigarettes, dining at the restaurant, quick meals at the snack bar or gift purchases in the store). We love visiting Southland! The employees are friendly, courteous and helpful. The food at the restaurant is very good, the service is great and the coffee is delicious! It doesn't matter what time of day we've visited, the coffee is always terrific. We plan to keep coming back as often as we can."
  • "Thanks I love stopping by when we travel to NC on our harleys..."
  • "Southland is the greatest! Every person working there is kind, friendly and helpful. How does Southland get so many wonderful people working together in one place? ... in the tobacco shop is the best sales person a retailer could ever hope to find! Roger Norfolk"

Southland Restaurant

  • It is our "go-to" place for a breakfast rendezvous when I get off the mid shift and she is going to work. When we have visitors at work we bring them to the buffet and whenever they come back they want to know "When are we going to Southland?"
  • "My husband and I came to eat at your restaurant last weekend on our way back from Nags Head. The food was fantastic, and we especially loved the fried chicken on the buffet. I also wanted to take a moment to say how friendly and welcoming the staff was, especially Kelley, our attentive waitress. I was impressed with the teamwork in your establishment, keep up the good work! See you next year! - The D... "
  • "Our family has been enjoying your Thanksgiving Buffet for the last five years and this year was the best yet. Always good but for some reason this year was extra special. Thanks the M...... family."
  • "Wonderful place to eat and relax....always excellent..."
  • "I have stopped in to eat at your establishment about 4 times over the past year. I was there last Saturday the 19th. It was the best it has ever been. The food was awesome and the service was fast and professional. I will be eating there much more after last Saturdays experience. I could tell it was more busy than usual but everybody was cool, they didnt panic, and I was impressed. I figured I would email to let you guys know to keep up the good work. Give your staff a pat on the back because they sure deserve it. Thanks for a great dinning experience. I will be back !"
  • "We live across the border in VA and my parents live in NC so we meet for dinners at Southland Restaurant. The chicken is outstanding! I haven't had a meal there that I didn't enjoy. Friendly, fast service and clean, quaint surroundings at a super price make this a frequent choice of ours. We stop in for breakfast on the way to the Outer Banks, too! Keep up the great service and super cooking and we'll keep on going back for years to come! "
  • "Just wanted to say, we stop in at the snack bar several times a month on our way home from Manteo but tonight, we decided to actually go into the restaurant and sit down to eat. It truly was one of the best meals I've had in a LONG time! The bbq was AMAZING, the chicken and dumplings were perfect and hands down, the BEST hush puppies I've EVER eaten in my life. Our waitress was curteous and even spoke to the chef. We will DEFINITELY be back and hopefully very very soon!"
  • "Best fried chicken anywhere!"
  • "Our server ... was very pleasant, helpful, efficent, and courteous. She filled our cups with hot coffee and came back to check if all was okay. We enjoyed our Sunday lunch even more with such a nice, pretty, smiling server." All of Southland "it was a good experance for the whole family"
  • "I am a twelve month a year saturday and sunday morning breakfast customer. I travel the 30 mile one way trip from virginia beach twice each week for breakfast. Your food is consistantly great, and the servers are wonderful. I would especially like to mention ..... as I feel she is the best of the best."
  • "I always enjoy coming in to eat at the restaurant. The food is good and the service is great. I haven't met a waitress or waiter that wasn't friendly and helpful."
  • "My husband and son-inlaw both love your bbq sandwich, we drive 30 min just for that. It is the best."
  • "We love this better than Cracker Barrel. Love the atmosphere and the people. Always so friendly and smiling and warm. Change nothing!"
  • "My wife and I are in VA Beach on our honeymoon (from Wisconsin) and we went to North Carolina today just so we could say we've been there. We did not expect to find such a wonderful restaurant with friendly people and such great food. We were very pleased all around!"
  • "It was the best hand pulled pork barbecue ever."
  • "My husband and I stopped in on our way to Outer Banks. We were immediately greeted by hostess and seated. Our waitress (very nice girl, Jennifer) was as sweet as can be and made sure we were taken care of through entire meal. She did well with many other tables to wait on as well. I love the barbecue and rolls. I will recommend Southland Restaurant to friends and family. Thanks for the wonderful experience."

Southland Snack Bar

  • "It's been a long time since I've been at your location and it was very enjoyable. I only wish I didn't live far away!! Thanks for making us welcome again. Keep up the good work!!"
  • "Good afternoon, Just wanted to make you aware you have a great crew of employees in your snack bar. From the cashiers to the cooks. I came by there for lunch today..what a great visit and let you know how nice it is to come into an establishment to get lunch when you are on a tight time schedule and not have to wait all day for your order. Service was great. Please pass a big thank you to all who were working today."
  • "Thank you for a wonderful visit! Loved all your neat gifts, you have a great selection--Just loved the t-shirts. We visited for the first time this past Saturday (9/27) and had a wonderful lunch (actually wonderful everything). The young lady that waited on us in the snack bar (Erin) was very sweet and polite. It is nice to be waited on by a smiling, happy person--but most importantly her kind demenor. We will keep stopping by on our way through with great pleasure just to see your great employees (and of course eat too). Keep up the good work and tell her "thank you"! Best wishes ... "
  • "I have visited your establishment for icecream and odds n ends on several occassions. On this occassion I feel that you should know that the young lady working that day, (...), made a very good impression on your customers. She was very kind, bubbly polite, smiling, friendly and helpful. She was very pleasant to everyone in line in front of me and behind me. It is very nice to see a person take pride in what they do for others as she did--that is professionalism. Thank you."
  • "We always have great service and food."
  • "We happened to arrive at your place at noon -- therefore, we found a bit of a rush/wait... but we KNEW it was worth the wait!!! THANX!!"
  • "One of the best values in town for the quality, especially breakfasts!"

Southland Tobacco Outlet

  • Southland Tobacco Shop "I went into your store while passing by on a business trip just to take a break went into your tabacco shop and what a pleasent women you have working for you. I think she was the manager ... she was very helpful ... . she also kept checking on me, i travel alot and she made me feel like i was at home . i just wanted to let you know what a great asset you have in your company and i will be back everytime i pass by thank you. Jim "
  • Southland Tobacco Shop "My wife and I came in a bought cigars and lottery tickets and a young lady waited on us, she was quick very kind and went out of her way to help us. We will keep coming to your store with great cashiers like her... .Thank you for your wonderful business."
  • "I come here because you always have my brand of cigarettes in stock. My Mom, Grandma and myself take the short (20-30 minutes) and scenic drive form VA Beach and always enjoy the ice cream. I have eaten in your restaurant once and had the pork chop dinner, a real bargain, I think it was a Weds. night special. I plan to come back with my family for more homestyle cooking. Also, my Grandma uses a wheelchair, and found it easy to get around the store for the most part. Also, excellent handicapped rest room , and very clean. keep up the good work."