Southland’s Premium U.S.A.-Made Dish Cloths


Often it is the simple things in life that are the best. And something that evokes a traditional feel and comfort in its use and experience is all the better. A home-cooked meal from one of “Mom’s recipes”. Maybe even cooked in a decades-old loved pot or pan she used to use. These traditions “from the kitchen” come to mind.

The World’s Best Dish Cloths are a perfect example where this holds true. Something so simple and well made, yet inexpensive. These classic boldly color-striped dish cloths are simply a pleasure to use. Add to that the many positive attributes — made from a durable yet soft cotton and poly blend fabric — a sanitary cloth — ravel free — absorbent — made in the U.S.A. — and with a classic look that adds a touch of tradition to any kitchen.

We at Southland are very pleased to offer this item for sale. We sell direct for personal use as well as for organizations to resell as a fundraiser item. Please be sure to visit our product page here for details:

If you have a fundraising organization and have interest, be sure to ask for a free sample to be mailed to you. Here is the free sample request form: