Loads of Country Style Foods and Confections

Our General Store is loaded with “goodies” from the South. We offer our Carolina BBQ as “Take Out”, already pre-cooked and sealed in tubs, both as Pulled Pork and Minced Pork. We have a broad selection of Made in NC vinegar-based BBQ sauces including Well’s and Scott’s. Pair our NC BBQ with our home made Cole Slaw, which we make daily, and you have a meal that can’t be beat!  We also carry fresh country sausage from both Spencer’s (Ole Tarheel) and Drake’s Smoked Sausages. We have a cold case filled to the brim with country sides such as collard greens, mac ‘n cheese, brunswick stew, cucumber salad, and banana pudding — just to name a few.

Throughout our store, you will find various old fashioned candies, sodas, fruit and vegetable preserves, and mixes and breaders. Peach buds? Cheerwine? Salt Water Taffy? Yes, yes, and yes!

We also have our old fashioned classic striped dish cloths, made right here in the South, in the U.S.A. Our dish cloths are a rare find along your traveled route.

Fireworks Galore!

We are the very first place headed south were you can buy fireworks. We have a large inventory of great bundles of fireworks – with some great fountains as well as sparklers.

Gas and Clean Restrooms

Gas is gas. We have it, but we pride ourselves on keeping clean and well-stocked restrooms for our customers.

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